Where to eat?

Whatever your tastes, you will surely find a nice restaurant in Antwerp: traditional Flemish/Belgian cuisine, French cuisine on both haute cuisine and bistrot level, Oriental food, all types of Mediterranean food,… You name it, we got it.

My favourite Italian restaurant is called ‘Verona’, in the shadow of the cathedral on the Oude Korenmarkt. A street with a great many restaurants, but Verona to me stands out. It is usually very busy, but the kitchen is well organised, so you don’t have to wait too long for your meal to arrive. If you want a real high class cuisine in this neighbourhood, be sure to visit ‘Sir Anthony Van Dyck’ in the Vlaaikensgang, a remnant of 16th century Antwerp.

Another area where you will find a great many restaurants is Vlaamse Kaai and Waalse Kaai in the south of the city. ‘Bizie Lizie’ (Vlaamse Kaai 16) is a place where I have never been disappointed. They are best known for their traditional French/Belgian cuisine.

Of course also the area around Central Station has a great many restaurants. Real Chinese food can be found in China Town (Van Wesenbekestraat). Stationstraat has many different flavours, and so does the De Keyserlei. Most of these restaurants serve decent food for reasonable prices.

A final fine food area is Zurenborg, especially up and around the Dageraadplaats.

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